The Trainer Makes the Facility

(Not the other way around)


Randall Everett | Founder, Trainer

Randall Everett has been training for over 10 years and started his training career under the name "454FACTORY."The long time school operated on the road throughout multiple locations up until he founded Ivyhill in 2018.

Randall has over 20 years of riding and racing experience and started his professional career in 2005. While racing for numerous european teams and the pro national circuit, Randall had become a student to the sport of motocross in search of the best training methods to provide other racers pursuing professional status. Randall is committed to the long term growth of Ivyhill becoming one of the leading MX training resources in the country.


  • AMA Pro Licensed
  • Internationally Pro Licensed
  • ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist
  • AFPA Personal Trainer
  • AFPA Health and Wellness

Ivyhill is a 140 acre farm that once served as an old doctors office in the civil war, circa 1790. The property consists of massive elevation changes and amazing conditions for riders of all skill levels.